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More English Poems (2014)

* * * Tonight in my dream I woke up at home – in my childhood. And when morning came I woke up again – abroad and found my pillow – wet with tears… * * * LOVE IS SO SIMPLE Looking outside at the rain I feel so lonely again — I don’t believe love is hard Love is so simple, in fact. Just like a raind… Read on | Още | 继续读

The Tears of Love between Nostalgia and Beauty In “A Dream of Red Mansions” and Bulgarian literature and culture

Сълзите на любовта между носталгията и красотата в романа «Сън в алени покои» и българската литература by Petko Hinov (Bulgaria) A. Introducing «A Dream of Red Mansions» to Bulgarian Readership Presenting A Dream of Red Mansions in Bulgarian translation for the first time is not an easy undertaki… Read on | Още | 继续读
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