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我与中国,倾听特贡奖得主的故事 | 韩裴:热爱是我的最大动力

韩裴 Petko Todorov Hinov 保加利亚杰出的中国文学翻译家,长期从事中国古典和现当代名著的翻译工作,翻译出版《三十六计》《围炉夜话》《红楼梦》《生死疲劳》等,开创了中国长篇名著直接翻译成保加利亚语的先河。 专家 How did you start your career related to Chinese culture and classics? 您是如何与汉语结缘的?为什么对中国古典和现当代名著的翻译情有独钟? Before I fell in love with the China and her literature and la… Read on | Още | 继续读

Our Family Culture

OUR FAMILY CULTURE (a chapter from my book “Loving China, Loving Bulgaria”) Family is the beginning of the state. Our family also perfectly reveals our spiritual state. That is why I believe, family culture is one of the most important founding stones not only of society, but also of st… Read on | Още | 继续读

More English Poems (2014)

* * * Tonight in my dream I woke up at home – in my childhood. And when morning came I woke up again – abroad and found my pillow – wet with tears… * * * LOVE IS SO SIMPLE Looking outside at the rain I feel so lonely again — I don’t believe love is hard Love is so simple, in fact. Just like a raind… Read on | Още | 继续读

The Tears of Love between Nostalgia and Beauty In “A Dream of Red Mansions” and Bulgarian literature and culture

Сълзите на любовта между носталгията и красотата в романа «Сън в алени покои» и българската литература by Petko Hinov (Bulgaria) A. Introducing «A Dream of Red Mansions» to Bulgarian Readership Presenting A Dream of Red Mansions in Bulgarian translation for the first time is not an easy undertaki… Read on | Още | 继续读

The Incorrigible Virgin

A True Story by Petko Hinov (Han Pei) All this happened in the late spring of last year. All that day I had been making vain attempts to write the story I was commissioned with by the chief editor of… well, of the magazine I am working for. It was hopeless. The shrieks of the sea-gulls, the distant sp… Read on | Още | 继续读

Selected Essays on Chinese Classic Novels

«Baochai Chasing Butterflies»: Mood and Thoughts A fascinating analysis of the symbolism of butterflies and fans in classical Chinese culture, with lots of references to Chinese literature and poetry; and a profound reading of one very short, but profusely meaningful episode in A Dream of Red Ma… Read on | Още | 继续读
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